Fleenor wonders about a ghost on Hugh Willis Lane

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There are some famous ghost neighborhoods that have become popular in folklore like the streets of Salem, Massachusetts, famous for the 1692 Salem witch trials that many believe are haunted by the ghosts of those accused and executed for witchcraft. There is Tombstone, Arizona, where it is said to be haunted by the ghosts of cowboys and outlaws who died in gunfights during the Wild West era. You may also hear about the historic neighborhood of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, supposedly haunted by ghosts from the Revolutionary War, including the ghost of George Washington himself.

According to local resident James Fleenor, we may have a ghost in our local Hugh Willis Lane area. He wrote on a recent entry on a local neighborhood website, “Hugh Willis owned and farmed the land that is now Lexi Landing and Cate Ridge. He writes that Willis had a beautiful farmhouse that sat about where Cate Ridge entrance is today and a smaller farm house sat where Lexi Landing is today.”

Fleenor relates a story of the friendship of his grandfather and the late Hugh Willis. He says that his grandfather didn’t believe in ghosts but really believes he heard one while visiting Mr. Willis one day.

So, Fleenor’s question to the residents of the subdivisions that now occupy the old Willis farm, “Has anyone living in the area ever experienced paranormal activity in the area or heard stories of footsteps walking down the stairs or opening the front door?”

Fleenor was originally writing to request pictures of the old farmhouse before it burned in the 1990s, because his grandfather was a good friend of Mr. Willis. So, if anyone has a picture of either of the farmhouses that were on the previous Willis farm, you can contact me and I will get them to him.

As Fleenor says, “There’s a piece of history some of you might not know.” And if you hear footsteps or the door suddenly opens, well, who knows, it might be your friendly neighborhood apparition.

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