East Knox comes together for Neighborhood Scoop

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It was a great day to enjoy free ice cream and to meet your neighbors Aug. 25, at Tank Strickland Park. Members of the Town Hall East neighborhood association held their annual Neighborhood Scoop event, which included free ice cream and lemonade, face painting, door prizes and various booths.

Sharon Davis, Vice President of Town Hall East, was there welcoming people as they entered the park. Several people from the area attended the event and entered into the raffles.

“We’ve been doing this event for the neighborhood for about six or seven years,” Davis said. “Town Hall East was instrumental in the development of this park. It used to be filled with deteriorated buildings and run-down cars. Little by little, the city, the state, and the county have contributed and helped develop the area.”

Town Hall East’s leaders like to remain as active as they can in the community, and they believe that the Neighborhood Scoop event is a great way to get the neighborhood together and to get them involved.

Town Hall East treasurer Rachel Honeycutt sells raffle tickets.

Fresh lemonade and ice cream were offered to the neighborhood.

This statue was dedicated to Tank Strickland Park by Town Hall East.

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