Eason, Cael and Elite Frye go to Disney World

Susan EspirituHalls, Our Town Youth

If you have ever had the opportunity to meet Ellisha Humphrey Frye, you may not have realized you met an angel in disguise. You certainly knew you met an amazing person, a beautiful woman, and an incredible mother. Here is the story of her and her three heartbeats, Eason, Cael and Elite. The story was to be about the boys’ trip to Disney World but this story is so much more.

Ellisha knew she was called to be a mother since she was young enough to talk, so when doctors told her she would never bear children, Ellisha didn’t accept that diagnosis and began every avenue available to prove it wrong with multiple surgeries and medications. After hearing one “no” after another, the miraculous Eason arrived and she vowed to be the best mother ever.

Following the same process, a second son, Cael, arrived and doctors said for sure there would be no more children, so all the processes stopped. A year later, when being tested for the flu, the nurse walked in and said, “honey, you’re pregnant” and Ellisha looked at her and said “no way, there’s no way I could be pregnant-the doctors told me it wasn’t possible! “After repeated testing, it was confirmed, but an ultrasound and blood work flagged her child as possibly having Down syndrome.

Ellisha opted out of any further testing and did not know that Elite Chance had Down Syndrome until the day he was born. She said, “I will never forget what the doctor who sat beside me that day said, ‘the only one that would limit him would be us. ‘ From that day on I decided to give Elite every opportunity that I could possibly give him.”

Elite has been involved in activities whether with his brothers, church or school. He has been in daycare at their church so he could be with children his age as scary as that was and then he went on to a blended Pre-k program at Brickey-McCloud Elementary School which challenged him. He has been in ongoing therapies since he was 6 months old and he continues to this day.

About 6 years ago Ellisha and the boys’ lives changed from everything they had ever known. All of a sudden, she was a single mom, working full time, and learning how to raise three young boys to include her youngest Elite with Down Syndrome, almost on her own.

Eason, Elite, and Cael Frye

Ellisha says, “It’s been us four for years now so if you see me, you usually see my other three by my side. Inclusion has been huge in my eyes while raising Elite making sure he is no different than any other typical child. I truly could not imagine my life without Elite in it. He has taught me so much about living life to the fullest and not being afraid, and he has taught his brothers how to love and be loved like no other.”

She recently surprised the boys with a trip to Disney which is where I originally started with this story, but I knew this story was so much more than a surprise trip to Disney by Ellisha for her three heartbeats.

Ellisha says of the trip: “Surprising my three boys with Disney World was one of the most magical experiences of my entire life. To see the sheer excitement and magic in their eyes and from their view was the most incredible experience and I’m so thankful we were able to do it together! By no means was it an easy trip but it was worth every penny spent and every minute soaking it all in with Eason, Cael and Elite. I don’t do roller coasters, because I get extremely motion sick, but I didn’t want to miss a minute! I lived on animal crackers and sprite for the week and may or may not have thrown up a time or two. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to have those memories! They will last a lifetime!”

The boys had thoughts as well: Eason said, “Mommy, Disney was the best surprise ever!!!!” Cael loved that he got ride the rides, “It was so cool that I got to ride all the rides cause I’m just a little guy! So awesome!” and Elite loved the Slinky Dog and of course Aliens. “Slinky Dog was my favorite and the Aliens!”

If you ever get the chance to meet this family, stop and take a minute to realize how special these four are.

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