Dylan Bradley adds to family legacy

Susan EspirituHalls

Dylan Bradley is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom gave over 30 years of service to Knoxville Police Department. His grandfather, Rudy Bradley, was an assistant chief and his father, Ronnie Bradley, retired as a sergeant.

I wrote, well mostly forwarded Dylan’s words, in an April story: Dylan Bradley Story.

One of Dylan’s statements has stayed with me from that story, “My ‘why’ comes from trying to mirror my father, Ronnie Bradley, and grandfather, Rudy Bradley. They are not only my mentors, but my heroes. I have always said that if I can just become half of what they were/are, I will be successful at anything.”

Dylan Bradley being pinned by wife, Morgan, during promotion ceremony

 Dylan is creating his own legacy as you read in his story, earning multiple recognitions and graduating from the prestigious SWAT unit of the KPD, where he was serving until recently, being promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Dylan’s wife, Morgan, says, “He truly lived out his dream when he was promoted to Sergeant Bradley. KPD is so lucky to have him and I know he will thrive in this new position. He is a true leader in every sense.”

Every part of Dylan’s story echoes those statements, and I am sure the officers under his leadership are equally thankful for his dedication to the legacy he has chosen to follow.

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