Do you want to play, Ethel?

Susan EspirituKarns/Hardin Valley, Our Town Neighbors

According to the New England Centenarian Study, one in every 5,000 people in the U. S. is a centenarian – someone who’s 100 or older. How do we achieve that?

Well, of course our genetics do count, but we are responsible for the obvious like what we eat, how much we exercise and manage stress or abuse chemicals. However, staying socially active and maintaining strong relationships with loved ones may be one of key elements to longevity.

Ask Ethel Arden, who is a frisky 102. She not only socializes with her cohorts at Ben Atchley Veterans’ Home, but she also regularly whips up on her grandsons in checkers. As her eldest grandson, Ethan  Crenshaw (17), said to her, “Mamaw, I thought you might take it easy on me. But I was wrong!”

I believe grandson Luke Crenshaw (14) may fare no better. Ethel is far from done and we look forward to seeing more of her escapades!

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