Do not cuddle the dragon

Tina RolenEast Knox, Our Town Outdoors

Zoo Knoxville recently honored World Lizard Day by celebrating its resident Komodo dragon, Slim. Slim lives in the Wee Play Adventure area across from the Clayton Family Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Campus.

The Komodo dragon has been reclassified as endangered in the latest update of the IUCN Red List which assesses the conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species in the wild. Zoo Knoxville works with the Species Survival Plan through the the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for the future of these amazing reptiles.

To find out more about the challenges they are facing go here. You can help Komodo dragons by going here and by supporting your local AZA Zoo.

And remember, Zoo Knoxville has mini-memberships available for the rest of the year. Buy now and use through Dec. 31, 2022. A variety of packages and pricing are available, ranging from a single child at $15 to a two-adult family plus one guest for $95. Go here to explore options and purchase.

For more info on zoo hours and admission or becoming a member at Zoo Knoxville, go here.

Tina Rolen is director of marketing and communications at Zoo Knoxville.

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