Dean and Lincoln Harned make their history by exploring history

Susan EspirituGibbs/Corryton, Our Town Youth

My father was a history teacher for a short while and his love of history carried on throughout his life and fed into my lifelong love for history. I imagine Lincoln Harned is experiencing the same unique opportunity to learn about history from his dad, Dean, who been teaching advanced placement U.S. history for years at Gibbs High School.

Their outings can take on a unique father-son twist at times like last week’s visit to James White Fort. Dean says, “Well, I think Lincoln gets a little more from an experience like that than many kids his age. I enjoy opportunities to teach him while we’re on the go; after all, I named him after my favorite President.”

Lincoln’s take on their adventures, “It’s fun, a local experience that everyone in Knoxville should do at some point!”

Dean and Lincoln are making their own history as they go on so many explorations together.

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