Scott Davis arrested, released

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Prominent developer and political figure Scott Wilson Davis was arrested Dec. 3 on the felony charge of aggravated assault, after he allegedly attacked a process server and her dog. According to the arrest complaint, Davis drew a loaded shotgun on deputies and demanded that they leave his home. Incident report is here: Scott Davis Incident Report

He apparently was not incarcerated overnight and at 11 a.m. Friday (Dec. 4) did not show up on the website of Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler as a person booked within the past 24 hours.

Scott Davis mug shot

Davis has served on Knox County Commission and was the Republican nominee for county executive against Tommy Schumpert. He is a vocal critic of the local planning board and has advocated for its dissolution.

According to the arrest report, KCSO officers Dudley and King responded to the Davis home on Ashland Springs Way after a call from Sharon Jones, who had come to the Davis home “to serve civil paperwork on Scott Davis due to his company being sued.”

Jones stated that she returned to her car after serving the papers and Davis “came to her vehicle, opened the door and caused Jones’ dog to come from the back of the vehicle. And the suspect (Davis) struck the dog with his fist and stated, ‘If I ever see you all again, I’ll kill you’

Davis then struck the dog a second time and struck Jones on the left eye.”

Officer Dudley said Davis reentered his home. Upon seeing officers arrive, he “stepped outside, went back inside and locked his door.” Dudley said Davis obtained a shotgun, officers drew their weapons, demanding 10 times that Davis drop the gun. In a profanity-laced demand, Davis said the officers should drop their weapons. “This is my &^%$ house.”

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