Danielle Holbert earns 2023 Girl Scout Gold Award

Susan EspirituDowntown, Our Town Youth, Powell, West Knoxville

Many of us have been moved by the people we encountered on a mission trip, but Danielle Holbert of Knoxville, was so inspired by her 2020 mission trip to Mexico, that she returned determined to carry the message to our own communities.

I was blessed to write about Danielle in April as she was setting up her blessing boxes. Her mission has continued to grow with her heart.

Danielle has established a network of food pantries at three local churches to assist those struggling with homelessness and poverty. Her project, Proverbs 22:9 – A Network of Blessings, earned her a prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award in 2023.

Danielle recalled her mission trip where she witnessed families scavenging in a dump for food. The experience left a lasting impact on her which inspired her cause for food pantries in our communities.

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