Daniel Park: A real estate pro in the heart of Cedar Bluff

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Daniel Park wouldn’t want to live or sell real estate anywhere else. “I’m proud of Knoxville and proud to be from here. I’m especially proud to be the tour guide for out-of-town buyers,” he says.

Daniel grew up in Crestwood Hills. His dad taught at UT, while his mom taught at CAK. Daniel got a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2006 from Clemson University and a master’s in organizational leadership from Concordia University.

Then things took off. After a short stint at a campus ministry at Texas A&M, Daniel and a few friends went to Prague, Czech Republic, for two years to establish and operate Mosaic House, a hotel for business travelers, built around green technology.

“I loved living in Europe. It was a great experience, and I met my wife (Brook) there. But we were called to return to Texas.” Daniel took a job as ministry development coordinator for Breakaway Ministries, a nondenominational ministry that draws upwards of 9,000 to worship at the Aggies basketball arena.

In 2014, Brook and Daniel came home to west Knoxville. They have four kids now, and both are advocates for foster care. They attend Fellowship Church.

Daniel worked in commercial real estate and property management before entering residential sales.

“That was scary,” he says. At previous jobs, Daniel had dealt with numbers – the business end of operations such as profit and loss analysis. But residential real estate involves emotions. Buyers think how they will celebrate the holidays in their new home, while sellers grow nostalgic.

Daniel was concerned about venturing into residential transactions. Then he remembered that master’s degree in organizational leadership – specifically, a class on emotional intelligence or quotient – EQ.

Daniel realized he could build on his previous experiences to help his clients navigate the emotions involved in real estate transactions. He still pays attention to the numbers – getting that closing statement correct – but he also notices non-verbal cues from clients.

“I put myself into their position and visualize how it feels.”

Daniel has refined his thoughts on EQ to create a class that’s been approved by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission for continuing education credit. He could teach it via Zoom, but would prefer personal interactions. “I’m waiting (to start) because of Covid. But I’m excited to see if this works.”

Real estate, even when it goes well, is stressful. But looking at Daniel Park’s record of success, here’s betting he’s got a winner and maybe even a best-selling book or podcast ahead.

Reach Daniel at Realty Executives Associates, [email protected] or 865-588-3232.

Daniel Park has joined KnoxTNToday.com as a community advertiser in West Knox. This profile was published in the October mailer.

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