Could winterizing put more cash in your pocket?

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Getting your home cozy before winter could potentially put a little more cash in your pocket! The Tennessee Valley Authority is launching a new version of EnergyRight rebates as incentives for homeowners to make their places more energy efficient.

TVA says it is investing $1.5 billion in energy efficiency and rebates now. The program is also aimed at helping businesses, with many details still unfolding. TVA leadership is aiming for everyone’s energy savings to help reduce demand on the power grid.

TVA Chief Sustainability Officer Rebecca Tolene said, “With this energy efficiency and demand response program, we think we can avoid up to 22 megawatts of generation that would have to be put on the grid.”

The agency points out that heating and cooling is probably your biggest expense as a homeowner. So, one qualifying new HVAC purchase could earn you as much as $1,500 back in a rebate via TVA. Several types of purchases or upgrades could earn you a few hundred dollars. See a list here of rebate amounts and minimum SEER ratings for heat pumps. The program also appears to consider only installations by contractors on a TVA-approved list that you find online.

“An energy efficiency community is one that thrives,” said Monika Beckner, vice president for energy services & programs. “When we can produce bottom line savings for residential customers and businesses, then they’re able to invest that money back into their businesses.”

Here’s the list of home upgrades that may qualify: HVAC, duct and air sealing, heat pump water heaters, insulation, windows, HVAC tune-ups. Here’s the link at TVA to get started.

Not sure if you want to invest in an energy upgrade today, but just curious where your house could be costing you the most in utility bills? TVA is offering free Home Energy Assessments in some areas. You can check here to see if your location qualifies. TVA is also encouraging you to try a DIY Home Energy Assessment here.

Anne Brock is Marketing Coordinator for Solar Alliance, which encourages clients to evaluate current energy usage and reduce it when possible before adding renewable solar energy for long-term utility bill savings. She can be reached at: 865-221-8349 or


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