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Everybody found something to like in Thursday’s election. Let the spinning begin.

Republican chair Daniel Herrera is probably happy to see the “rino” Janet Testerman lose to Elaine Davis in the primary to replace Eddie Mannis. He’s got to be relieved that GOP nominee Gina Oster edged Stuart Hohl by 89 votes to hold the District 3 seat on Knox County Commission.

Democratic chair Matt Shears is happy that Democrats ran so well, even though the wins weren’t there. The margins are closing in Knox County. Debbie Helsley polled 45% to Glenn Jacobs’ 55%. Jacobs beat Linda Haney 66% to 33% four years ago.

Ron Williams

Town of Farragut Mayor Ron Williams had a close call, beating challenger Bill Johns by just 58 votes. Scott J. Meyer was re-elected alderman from Ward 1 and David White was elected from Ward 2, replacing Ron Pinchok who was term-limited. Farragut races are non-partisan.

Let’s pause for wisdom from Carly Simon:

I know nothing stays the same, but if you’re willing to play the game, it will be coming around again.

Candidates who lost on Aug. 4 have experienced the worst thing that can happen – they lost. Learn from mistakes, brainstorm with those who won, stay engaged and win it next time.

State Rep. Gloria Johnson with school board winner Kat Bike, who ran as a Democrat and defeated Republican Will Edwards in the county’s first partisan election for school board.

School board: Three new members will gather in September – Kat Bike (replacing Virginia Babb); John Butler (Evetty Satterfield); and Steve Triplett (Patti Bounds). The three incumbents did not seek re-election. The biggest change: Triplett is pro-voucher, while Bounds was dedicated to public schools.

Some pundits predicted an upset in South Knoxville where board chair Kristi Kristy was challenged by Annabel Henley. Kristy’s 300-vote majority on election day led to a 2,946 to 2,686 win. Henley led in both absentee and early voting.

Katherine Bike beat Will Edwards 2024 to 2017 – just 7 votes in unofficial returns. Edwards raised and spent over $100,000. He was pro-voucher. Butler polled 73% over two opponents; Triplett got 71% over Dominique Oakley; and Betsy Henderson polled 60% over Phillip Sherman.

Other winners: Charme Allen ran a highly visible, highly effective campaign to win a second 8-year term as district attorney general; also re-elected were Sheriff Tom Spangler, Sherry Witt, Nick McBride, Eric Lutton, Judge Chuck Cerny, Charlie Susano and Mike Hammond. Justin Biggs was elected trustee, replacing Ed Shouse who was term-limited. Kim Frazier will take Biggs’ at-large seat on county commission; commissioner Larsen Jay won handily. Other new commissioners are Rhonda Lee (replacing Charlie Busler); Gina Oster (Randy Smith). State Sens. Richard Briggs and Randy McNally got impressive primary wins over lesser-known opponents. And now it’s on to November.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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