Chopping weeds for city visit

Sandra ClarkNortheast Knox

Yesterday we wrote about the conversation between Nick Della Volpe and Harold Cannon (story here) regarding an extension of the city-owned greenway at Loves Creek and Millertown Pike. Cannon did not promise anything except a visit to the area to see the situation for himself.

Terry Raby (back) and David Lee cut a path.

Great, said Della Volpe. He called for volunteers. Terry Raby, owner of Air Tech Tools, and David Lee, a former president of Town Hall East, were available. By noon, the men had cleared a walkable path from the rear of the Taco Bell all the way to and past the gabion wall below Walmart where a 10-foot wide concrete trail exists.

It is ready for a visit by Cannon and Sheryl Ely, director of Parks & Rec.

This is what I love about Knoxville – the big town, small town, crazy place we call home.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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