Chalk Walk 2023 is in the books

Susan EspirituDowntown, Our Town Arts

And the winners are in … for a wet and windy Dogwood Chalk Walk, held Saturday, April 1, on Market Square. Big thanks to First Horizon Bank for sponsoring the Kids Zone.

  • Collaborative Elementary School – 3rd Place: Girl Scout Troop 22060 (Brownies)
  • Collaborative Elementary School – 2nd Place: Girl Scout Troop 22060
  • Collaborative Elementary School – 1st Place: Abe & Quinto
  • Single Elementary School – 3rd Place: Annalynn Stitt
  • Single Elementary School – 2nd Place: Sophia Anderson
  • Single Elementary School – 1st Place: Eli Shockley
  • Collaborative Middle School – 3rd Place: Vine Middle Magnet School 6th Grade Art Club
  • Collaborative Middle School – 2nd Place: Karns Art Club
  • Collaborative Middle School – 1st Place: West Valley Middle School
  • Single Middle School – 3rd Place: Violet Layne
  • Single Middle School – 2nd Place: Natalie Spradling
  • Single Middle School – 1st Place: Mabel Shiverdecker

Enjoy these random images. Remember, this is drawing on the ground. On concrete, With chalk. On a windy day.

  • Collaborative High School – 3rd Place: Central High School
  • Collaborative High School – 2nd Place: Fulton High School
  • Collaborative High School – 1st Place: Gibbs Art Club
  • Single High School – 3rd Place: Lily Withrow
  • Single High School – 2nd Place: Ella Pinchok
  • Single High School – 1st Place: Emmalynn Stitt
  • Collaborative College/YA – 3rd Place: Grapic Design
  • Collaborative College/YA – 2nd Place: Chloe Kirk & Abby Ellis
  • Collaborative College/YA – 1st Place: Salvation Army UT Vols
  • Single College/YA – 3rd Place: Tobi Hickman
  • Single College/YA – 2nd Place: Mary Ward
  • Single College/YA – 1st Place: Chloe Peterson
  • Collaborative Family – 3rd Place: Tallent Family
  • Collaborative Family – 2nd Place: Thayer Family
  • Collaborative Family – 1st Place: The Wards
  • Collaborative Adult – 3rd Place: Shawn Ridge & Kaley Martinez
  • Collaborative Adult – 2nd Place: Cody Rau & Jennifer Nicklas
  • Collaborative Adult – 1st Place: Jessica Bledsoe & Elizabeth Lynch
  • Single Adult – 3rd Place: Sarah Shorter
  • Single Adult – 2nd Place: Apryl Taylor
  • Single Adult – 1st Place: Susan Armstrong
  • Runner-Up in Sidewalk of Fame: Sonia Summers
  • Best in Sidewalk of Fame: Leonardo Romero
  • T-Shirt Award: Cole Davis
  • People’s Choice: West Valley Middle School
  • Best in Show: Cole Davis

Shannon Herron of Dogwood Arts provided information for this report.

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