Catherine Talbert offers horse training and music camps

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I grew up with ponies and horses. In fact, when I was 6, I rode my pony, Princess, down the literal mountain we lived on off Norris Freeway to see my friend. Needless to say, I remember it vividly due to the amount of trouble I got into. I also remember the freedom of being able to ride my horse in later years from our home off Beverly Road in Fountain City to the ballpark for softball practice. I wonder now what my parents were thinking to let me do that, but it is a wonderful memory.

Catherine Talbert’s story is not unlike mine in that she started into the horse world when she was 6-years-old as well. She had a neighbor where she would go riding and groom their horses and attend their camps. This led to her getting her first horse when she was 8 and her first mini-horse when she was 9.

She found her passion with horses, so she trained and showed her own miniature horses as well as full-size horses through high school and college, even being on the western equestrian team while attending the University of Tennessee. She then apprenticed under the top miniature horse performance trainer for four years coming out of college before going full time with her own business.

Sydney Huff and Lexie Vanderlan learning how to groom

Now she has 14 horses sharing the farm on which she lives. She says, “Our horses are treated to the best care possible with farrier care every 5-6 weeks, vet care annually, joint and gastric supplements, free choice hay, chiropractic care every six weeks, groomed five times a week, massages and off a minimum of two days per week.” That’s better care than I give myself.

She is giving lessons in English and western riding, performance with miniature horses, training for miniature horses and summer camps that range from 3-day mini-camps to 5-day full camps that teach everything with the beginning horseman skills in mind.

When I read about Catherine Talbert holding horse riding camps for children, I want to encourage every child to plead with their parent to sign them up as everybody should experience the exhilaration of riding a horse. Weeping Willow Miniatures

Catherine is not only a talented, skilled horsewoman but also is able to provide dog lessons, private lessons in flute, piano and voice.

Few people have these many talents they are willing share with others, but Catherine Talbert is one.

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