Carrie Poteat is ‘Rising Star’

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Carrie Poteat, an agent with Realty Executives Associates, was named Rising Star of the Year by the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors. We caught up with Carrie for a quick Q&A:

Knox TN Today: How long have you been a Realtor?

Carrie Poteat: 3 years

KTT: Why is this a good career choice for you?

Carrie Poteat: I love helping people. Real estate is more than just helping people buy/sell a home. I’m helping people get connected in their community.

KTT: Why did you choose Realty Executives Associates?

Carrie Poteat: When I interviewed with the CEO, Justin Bailey, I noticed a difference. The books in his office were about leadership, and the conversation was real. I knew immediately that REA was where I needed to be, and I’m proud to be there.

KTT: What specific strengths do you bring to marketing a home for sale?

Carrie Poteat: Having a good reputation and customer service mindset in this industry is what we bring to the table. Our office has a sign that says “People > Profit.”

KTT: Why were you selected as the Rising Star?

Carrie Poteat: I was selected based on my ethics (the most important to me), production level, community/KAAR involvement, and dedication to the real estate industry.

KTT: Do you concentrate on a specific type of property or geographic area?

Carrie Poteat: I focus on the surrounding Knoxville area. If you drew a circle around Knoxville, one hour away from downtown, that would be about the area I cover. When clients get in my car, I say, “Step into my office.”

KTT: What are your goals for 2023?

Carrie Poteat: My goal is to create value for my clients.

Carrie Poteat can be reached at Realty Executive Associates, 124 N. Winston Rd., Knoxville. Her contact info is: 865-588-3232 (office); 865-256-9311 (mobile); or [email protected]


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