CAK inspires students during first week

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, West Knox County

Christian Academy of Knoxville sponsored over 370 of their high school students to go on a life-changing trip with all of their teachers, principals and some of the parents to Carolina Point Young Life Camp in Brevard, North Carolina, last week.

The activities during the three days included karaoke, egg roulette and evening outdoor games. The daytime breakout sessions were led by staff and parents discussing topics teens must deal with daily.

Arbor Diggs was the guest speaker during this bonding adventure and Chuck Wooten led the worship service.

Sixth graders simulating caves in the classroom for cavepainting

While the high schoolers were at Carolina Point, the students in Melissa Davenport’s sixth-grade history class were studying about the early humans and experiencing cave painting as they do each year.

Davenport covers her classroom windows to make it dark, turns down the temperature to make it extra cold and more like a cave. Parent volunteers come in to assist the students who bring a blanket, flashlight or headlamp from home to help create their cave.

To think it’s only week one of school at CAK!

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