Bud Ries gives Ritta community something to remember

Susan EspirituEast Knox

This breathtaking mural at Ritta Elementary was designed by the K-5th grade students and painted by their art teacher, Bud Ries, as a gift to the Ritta community!

On Instagram, Ries says, “I am super proud to finally show off this project at Ritta Elementary that I started over a year ago but only completed earlier this summer. This started with a neighbor’s overgrown wall that faced the school and after a lot of work and support from the community ended up being this collaborative mural that I could leave as a little token of my time at Ritta.”

The teacher introduced the concept of murals to his students and showed them the backdrop of the earth, sea and space and asked them to come up with ideas to fill in the scene. He sorted through hundreds of student drawings and then began the process of recreating over 40 of them on the wall.

Ries ended his post with, “Lots of love to my old school and the entire Ritta community. I’ll always be proud to be a Ritta Ranger.”

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