Brookshire posts 41-year career at Weigel’s

Sandra ClarkFood, West Knox

Mary Brookshire has retired from Weigel’s after 41 years and one month of service.

Well, she mostly sort of retired. As her special day progressed, Brookshire started responding to customer hugs with “see you later” instead of good-bye. And the company’s board chair, Bill Weigel, was talking about her coming back to work on special “Mary Thursdays.”

Mary Brookshire at her retirement party.

Weigel’s executives as well as store customers dropped by for cake and photos on her special day.

To put her tenure in context, Mary Brookshire began her career when there were just 14 Weigel stores. Her store was No. 18 on Northshore Drive, where she worked over 20 years. Now there are 68 stores, a dairy and a bakery, all within 100 miles of corporate headquarters in Powell.

Kurt Weigel, now the recruiting director for the company, has fond memories of her as well. She would serve him an Icee when his dad, Bill, took him to the store at age 6. “She always knew what I wanted, and would start getting it ready when I came through the door.”

“Mary knew more customers by name, and they knew her name – more than any other employee we have.” said Bill Weigel. “She is one amazing lady who did it all, and did it well.”

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