Brickey-McCloud turns 20 with celebration

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Vicki Humphrey in front of pictures of Leonard Brickey and John R. McCloud for whom the school is named.

Brickey McCloud Elementary School celebrated its 20th anniversary on August 23, 2023, with a testament to the unwavering spirit, dedication and success of the Brickey Bears. Vicki Humphrey has served for 31 years in both the original Brickey Elementary and the current Brickey-McCloud Elementary as the face of grace and welcome that makes the school reputation a starting point for each family.

True to her nature, Vicki greeted each guest last Wednesday to celebrate the anniversary and direct us to the displays of Brickey’s story. The halls were decked with nostalgic photo displays, taking us on a journey down memory lane. I have to admit I was embarrassingly flipping through yearbook after yearbook looking for my own children and grandchildren trying to figure out which years each was in which grade.

A weak attempt at video coverage missing the reception in the library: Brickey-McCloud Celebration

Gail Evans and Susan Espiritu

I caught up with my daughter’s sweet kindergarten teacher, Gail Evans, who has blessed the children for almost 40 years!

John R. McCloud was a longtime principal of Brickey School. He had retired when the new school was built, but he returned to read to kids as his health permitted. Diane Dozier, a PTA president at Brickey when her son, Curtis, was a student, served on the school board when Superintendent Charles Lindsey recommended a new building rather than renovation. Dozier agreed, but insisted that the school honor Mr. McCloud by adding his name. Thus, it became Brickey-McCloud.

As the alumni were sharing heartwarming stories, highlighting the positive impact the school has had on their lives, I also visited with two former principals. Founding principal of Brickey-McCloud, Susan Turner, and more recent principal, Megan O’Dell, shared their insight on the Brickey community:

Here’s to 20 years of excellence in this building following decades of excellence in the one prior, and to many more years of shaping young minds and creating a brighter future together!

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