Brian Carden sees Grandfather Carden on History Channel

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

Most of us may carry pride for our ancestry and knowledge of their legacy for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments in building our country. Few of us have seen them front and center on the television. Fountain City native Brian Carden had that experience last week while watching a documentary about Franklin D. Roosevelt on the History Channel.

During an episode on the New Deal, a series of programs including public works projects, Brian saw a picture of a man he knew very well. William L. “Fate” Carden, Brian’s grandfather, was the first welder hired to build Norris Dam.

Brian Carden shows the picture of his grandfather from the documentary

The first time Brian and his family saw the picture was during the Knoxville World’s Fair in 1982 at the TVA exhibit. Once they identified William L. Carden and notified TVA that he was still living, Brian says, “TVA could not have been more excited or welcoming.”

The picture now hangs in the US National Archives and in Brian’s home in West Tennessee. Brian’s mom, who is turning 91 next month, and brother, David, still live in Fountain City where the family has lived for decades.

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