Biking the Mayor’s Hot Tub Trail

Sandra ClarkFun Outdoors, South Knox

There’s a new trail in Knoxville.

It’s the Mayor’s Hot Tub Trail and it’s in the backyard of Keith Crouch. This is his story.

Keith is a South Knoxville resident, attracted to SoKno by the Urban Wilderness and its mountain bike trails.

One day he saw an ad: “Free hot tub. Come and get it.” He was surprised to learn that the hot tub was nearby, also in South Knoxville. He was even more surprised to learn the owner was then-Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero.

“I called about 10 of my buddies and we went over and took it out. I got it for free but it’s an old one – probably from the ’80s.”

Crouch installed the tub at the back of his property and then constructed a trail so his friends could access it via mountain bike. He named it the Mayor’s Hot Tub Trail.

Let’s be clear. This is not a public trail. “But if you ride up on a Friday evening …..,” said Crouch.

He has been in the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club for about five years, and he’s lived in South Knoxville for just over two years.

Hot tub installed by Keith Crouch


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