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Considering the addition of solar for your home? Here are some questions to consider before you make that move.

How much shade are trees creating near my house? Some lots with large shade trees will not allow adequate sunlight to produce the amount of solar energy you’ll want.

Do I have enough Southern facing rooftop space? Will it accommodate an adequate number of modules to produce the electricity I need? Is my roof in good condition?

A solar professional can evaluate your site, orientation and roof space. You need an accurate assessment of the likelihood of producing enough energy from the sun to make this home improvement worthwhile.

Is the solar company I am looking to hire licensed and insured as a professional construction company? Will they be obtaining proper permits and other agreements with my municipality and utility company?

Save yourself headaches up front by being sure you can count on a reputable, licensed company that has good working relationships with your city, county and utility company. One great way of understanding the level of your installer is to ask if they have any North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners employees. NABCEP is a solar certification that requires continuing education. To learn more, visit this link.

Anne Brock is Marketing Coordinator for Solar Alliance. She can be reached at: 865-221-8349


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