Beeler pledges to return to Broadacres

Sandra ClarkPowell, Union

Allen L. Beeler, Union County farmer, worked with members of Broadacres Community Association this summer to sell produce on Saturdays at the neighborhood pool.

He wrote: “Thank you my wonderful Broadacres friends. Outreach Farm to Table has been a success in so many ways. I am achieving my mission of getting fresh produce directly to consumers. I have had fun. Our reviews have been good. I have made lots of new friends. And finally, I believe the community wants us to come back. This has been a win, win.

“I will be back next spring. I would enjoy a few early markets. I can bring my flowers from my nursery in mid-April. Perhaps, I can do a strawberry and Grainger County Tomato early market, but we can work those details out later.”

Allen thanked Margaret Massey-Cox and Jerry Sluder – his Broadacres connection. And he said the idea came to him as many ideas do – while riding on his mower.

“God Bless Everyone, have a wonderful fall and a great winter. I will see you in the spring.”

I’ve known Allen since he was a wisp of a boy, teaching swimming at the North Side Y. You’ve heard of the self-made man. That’s Allen. Except he’s still a work in progress.


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