Bean’s going to get us both killed

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I have had a complicated relationship with Elizabeth “Betty” Bean, but social media brought more tangle than before. With Facebook, Bean (and others) just jump on and say whatever comes to mind – no editor, no fact-check, no filter.

Bean stirs the pot for sure. Her Thursday column on Geno Auriemma had drawn over 7,000 views and 1,880 interactions in its first 24 hours. She’s got a troll named JohnnySharon. They heckled her and she fired back. Later in the day, Bean posted:

“Having second thoughts about cussing that little Republican weasel on the Compass page. I probably shouldn’t have brought his Mama into it.

“And I probably shouldn’t have called my Trumpy KnoxTNToday heckler a hermaphrodite.”

She went on to say that I had explained that many couples share a social media account so that one won’t be tempted to stray.

Bean said she had looked at the profile of JohnnySharon and opined that wouldn’t be an issue for them.

Just when I’m about to kill Bean, she does something like this (in response to a reader who said KnoxTNToday is funded by “dark money” from powerful people who supported the five Democratic incumbents in the recent city council election.)

“Full Disclosure: KnoxTNToday is 100% a product of Sandra Clark’s imagination, initiative, audacity, insane work ethic and lifelong habit of wanting the best for her community.”

Gosh, Bean. Thanks. I guess.

This ‘n’ That

Gov. Bill Lee said Tennessee’s unemployment rate has returned to pre-pandemic levels, “thanks to the hard work and resilience of Tennesseans.” He added: “This significant milestone is a testament to our fiscally responsible approach and commitment to meaningful work. While we continue strengthening our workforce, Tennessee families and businesses will enter the New Year in a new, hopeful chapter for our state’s economy.”

Thanks, but no thanks: The “Build Back Better” bill that passed the U.S. House includes $1.7 billion for “local news outlets.” Read the article by Marc Tracy here. Gannett (which owns Knoxville’s daily newspaper) would be eligible for $37.5 million the first year and tens of millions after that, Tracy says. KnoxTNToday will not apply for nor accept this subsidy, if it becomes available.

Trustee Ed Shouse says the final batch of tax bills (about 2,800) were delivered to the Weisgarber Post Office on Dec. 3. “The other approximately 118,000 bills have been taken to Weisgarber in batches as printed, folded and stuffed. We expect (and hope) that all current tax bills are in the mailboxes of taxpayers no later than the early part of next week.”

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.


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