Recode: Let’s discuss affordable housing

Nick Della VolpeAround Town, Feature

Recode Knoxville harbors an unstated goal of increasing affordable housing. It seeks to accomplish that indirectly by adding density features like expanding multi-family zones and allowing ADUs in every residential …

Recode workshop: Density is concern

Nick Della VolpeAround Town, Feature

The community continues to ask, “Where are we going? What’s the schedule to get there?” City Council provided the first glimpse at last week’s Recode Knoxville workshop.
A long meeting. The …

Recode Knoxville will affect you

Nick Della VolpeFeature, Fountain City

In a previous Recode Knoxville article we confronted the overarching question: Where Are We Going? The focus was on the future vision of our city which the new “recode” purports …