Maple trees need love, too

Harold DuckettOur Town Arts

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday blowing and vacuuming up the 387,936,413 (more or less) maple tree seed helicopters produced by the single mature maple tree in my yard. There’s …

Tom Riesing: Artwork is reassuring

Harold DuckettOur Town Arts

Beverly and I saw Tom Riesing’s gorgeously drawn and painted show at the University of Tennessee’s Downtown Gallery this weekend. There is a quiet, comforting calmness in both the paintings …

My wemon wilwies

Harold DuckettOur Town Stories

My Wemon wilwies. They carry memories.
When I was three, I went to live with a wonderful farm family in Athens, Tennessee. They were in their early sixties at the time …

Master Gardeners get awards

Harold DuckettOur Town Neighbors

Knoxville County Extension Master Gardeners recognized four impressive volunteers at its Jan. 13 awards dinner.
Michael Smith, Cathy Carpenter and Barbra Bunting received awards for more than 500 hours of volunteer …