August was top month for 2023

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I hope you were able to enjoy the holiday weekend! August 2023 is on the books, and during the month 6,242 documents were recorded. 1,398 of those documents were loans (Trust Deeds) which had a sum of $522.56 million.

Property Transfers made up 1,017 of the documents with a total of $436.63 million dollars. August had the highest number of documents we’ve recorded in any month this year!

Last week included September 1, 2023, with a total of 1,503 documents including 383 Trust Deeds and 255 Warranty Deeds. The trust deeds came to a dollar value of $160.65 million and included 11 loans of over one million dollars. The highest loan of the week was funded by FEF Workforce Housing Innovation Fund, LP for $22 million. The second highest was $12.5 million taken out at Bank of Tennessee and the rest:

The 255 property sales had a grand value of $106.9 million including three commercial property sales over $1 million. Aubrey’s Inc. has recently purchased two buildings. One, a few weeks ago on Asheville Highway and this past week three tracts of land making up the block at 701 E Jackson Avenue. Gary A. Smith sold the property to Aubrey’s Inc. for $2.75 million.

Two other property transfers with prices over one million dollars took place, and both are apartment complexes in the same vicinity.

The Peaks of Knoxville Apartments on Breda Road was sold by co-owners Peaks Investors LLC and JWDE Properties LLC to TRC Peaks of Knoxville LLC for $5.73 million.

Also on Breda Road, the Summercrest Apartment complex was sold by Summercrest Housing LLC to TRC Summercrest LLC for $6.7 million.

The three-year comparison chart has been updated as of 9/1/23.

Have a great weekend! – Nick

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County


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