Ancient Lore Village breaks ground – but for what?

Betsy PickleOn the Grow, South Knox

The controversial Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow released a statement Monday (4/22) announcing that the development had broken ground on two prototype homes that are being built with permits acquired under the current agricultural zoning of the main site for the purposes of validating the overall project budget.

The press release said the homes will not be occupied initially but will be used as open-house venues for several local charities this fall.

Tom Boyd (File photo by Betsy Pickle)

Businessman Tom Boyd, a South Knox resident, announced at the beginning of 2019 that he was seeking financing to build a themed luxury resort east of Chapman Highway in the area behind Walmart. Boyd’s idea was to create a retreat where guests would stay in fantasy-like huts and treehouses and be entertained by artisans and musicians strolling the grounds. The concept was to get back to nature and build community with other guests while avoiding the tech devices of today.

Supporters and detractors have sparred continuously at public meetings and online ever since Boyd made his project public. Proponents have pointed to job creation and economic benefits, while opponents have cited environmental and traffic issues as serious concerns. Still others have complained that they’d rather have another big-box store and more franchise restaurants on the site.

In recent weeks, rumors about changes to the project have raced wildly through social media. Check back with KnoxTNToday for facts on the situation.

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