Adrian Burnett receives Promising Practices Award

Susan EspirituHalls, Our Town Youth

Stephanie Prince, principal of Adrian Burnett Elementary, was just recognized as School Administrator of the Year due to her dedication to the welfare of students in her care at the school. She attributed her recognition to the initiatives by the staff at the school. The school itself has now received an award for those initiatives in receiving the Promising Practices Award which reflects the efforts of the entire school community: staff, families and students.

Amy Marshall, school counselor, says the award, “recognizes the impact our daily Morning Meetings have on student success in academics and in life.”

Many schools begin their schedules with a version of the Morning Meeting, but Marshall says Adrian Burnett’s is unique due to “its direct connection our character education efforts. Every morning with no exceptions, we open our day by discussing one behavior which we call ‘Cardinal Commitments,’ ones we can all cultivate to help us embody our core values of pride, problem solving, respect and self-discipline.”

The core values were identified with input from students, families and staff through an intentional process over about eight months in 2021/22 school year. Everyone in the school community participates to build connection and common language about what it means to be an Adrian Burnett Cardinal.

The school celebrates students who have exemplified the week’s commitment in their Cardinal Walk at the end of each week. The Cardinal Walk has deep roots in ABES history as the entire student body gathers in the gym to celebrate the week’s successes.

Marshall gathered several student responses about the celebrations: “It feels like I have pride and did something good.” “It’s so exciting that my friends are up there.” “It feels so good that people are clapping for us. And then if we just keep doing, it makes us a better person.”

 When you have a principal and a school recognized during the same year for outstanding character, it is something a community can herald as something to cherish. No test can measure this kind of success.

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