A little love, please, for the bitey, stingy things

Tina RolenEast Knox, Our Town Outdoors

Zoo Knoxville is offering two very special limited edition Valentine’s Day adoptions. Snap at the chance this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love alongside Zoo Knoxville’s power couple Miguel and Rose, the Cuban Crocodiles, or give yourself or someone special the gift of the very sweet Bee Mine Bundle adoption.

Grab a Be Mine Bundle and get this special floof.

Both honey bees and Cuban crocodiles face unique challenges in the wild. Honey bees have been experiencing rapid colony die-offs due to pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and disease. The Cuban crocodile is one of the most threatened New World crocodilian species, primarily because it has such a small and restricted distribution. Their main threat is humans, who have hunted the crocodile extensively and have largely encroached upon their habitats.

Your adoption helps Zoo Knoxville provide the best in nutrition, veterinary care, and a safe and enriching environment that keeps the honey bees and Cuban crocodiles happy and healthy. Whether adopting for yourself or the animal lover in your life, you’ll be assisting Zoo Knoxville’s mission to inspire action for wildlife.

For more information, go here.

Tina Rolen is director of marketing and communications at Zoo Knoxville.

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