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What did your kids do over fall break?

Nine youngsters got the chance to shine (and star) in the SuperPower camp youth ensemble of Carpetbag Theatre, held at Belle Morris Elementary School. Led by Kisha Rockett, the kids actually wrote the script they performed. I’ve seen older folks work longer for less result.

Four adults made it happen. Not sure if any were trained as teachers, but they get it. Maintain order, encourage creativity, engage everyone as leader or follower. Storyteller Linda Upton Hill was animated. Will Dorsey taught acting and Donya Walker was dance choreographer. Rockett was a strong leader. And you could feel the guiding hand of Carpetbag’s executive/artistic director, Linda Parris-Bailey.

It was a simple concept, divinely executed.

What is your superpower? How does it help your community?

Hazel Scott picked art; Michelangelo Maez, boxing; Jaylen Fitzgerald, speed; Paris Harris, drawing.

Blair Cockrum selected super smarts; Erica Cash, singing; Moya Gilbert, football; Leonardo Burgueno, art; and Jaquay Gilbert, dance.

The performance consisted of a presenter as lead with the ensemble in support. Then they swapped roles. Wow. What a concept.

We should hire this Carpetbag bunch to coach in businesses, church and civic groups across town. Identify your superpower. Then lead, follow and support the team. Have fun, be creative and then eat cupcakes. Where do I sign up?

Where’s the bottom?

How bad can daily newspapers become?

Dan Kennedy, posting on Media Nation, says the Boston Herald has outsourced its copy desk – the folks who edit copy, check facts, write headlines and clean up the grammar. It helps if they live in and understand the community they serve.

And the chain, owned by the hedge fund Alden Global Capital, is outsourcing its page-design jobs overseas and trying to cover high school sports with artificial intelligence. Wonder how that is working?

“There is no bottom,” Kennedy concludes.

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