Reeder Chevrolet property sells for $15.25 million

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The second week of April we recorded 1,199 documents; 272 were loans and 198 were property transfers. Five loans hit the million-dollar mark. The largest loan of the week was an $18.35 million loan from RGA Reinsurance Company. The second largest was backed by Toyota Motor Credit Corp for $12.6 million. The other three include:

The property transfers for the week had a combined value of $114.86 million. Four residential and three commercial properties came in over $1 million dollars. The highest-value commercial property transferred this week was a prominent building on Parkside Drive next to South College. SJW Land Company sold the Westrock warehouse building at 440 Goody’s Lane to BRI Parkside for $27 million.

Westrock warehouse sold for $27 million.

The second largest property transfer was Reeder Chevrolet at 4301 Clinton Hwy. Quinlan Motors LLC sold the 12-acre property to Doherty Holdings Forty Seventh LLC for $15.25 million.

Taco Bell at Grassy Creek sold for $2.82 million

CGP Knoxville (Malone Creek) TB LLC sold the Taco Bell in the new Grassy Creek lifestyle center off Schaad Road to a private trust for $2.82 million.

The comparison chart has been updated through Friday, April 12.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County


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