Make a difference: Pick up trash

Charles HilliardKarns/Hardin Valley

Holidays usually mean conversations with family, and family conversations can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Here’s an idea sure to get everyone on the same page and making memories outside.

With an estimated 50 billion pieces of litter on our streets and in our waterways, litter impacts everyone. In 2021, the largest study performed on litter in America was completed.

The Keep America Beautiful study found that 90% of those surveyed believed litter was a problem in their state. For 13 years volunteers from District 6 have been working to keep Byington Beaver Ridge Road in Karns clean.

Twice a year these Democrats (and 5,302 other local volunteers) take to the street and clean up the trash. The recent pickup produced several bags of trash, a $20 bill and one tire.

If you can convince a few family/friends/coworkers/neighbors to join you twice a year, you can help make a change in your area. On top of making a difference, your group will get a road sign (after two cleanups six months apart) to show the community who’s out there making a difference.

Info: about getting your own sign and making a difference here.

Chuck Hilliard submits information for the Knox County District 6 Democratic Party.


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