Ironweed can grow up to five feet tall

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Wildflower Report – Lumber Ridge Trail (B to top of ridge) – 4 September 2023

  • Black Eyed Susan – Some – Slightly past peak bloom (across from the end of the Treemont Dorm).
  • Coreopsis – Few – At or slightly past peak bloom.
  • Curtiss Milkwort – Many – Mostly at peak bloom – small but attractive.
  • Erect Goldenrod – Many – Mostly beyond peak bloom (other species of Goldenrod blooming also).
  • False Fox Glove – Many + – Almost at peak bloom (vivid bright yellow in color).
  • Great Lobelia – Some – In the early stage of blooming.
  • Ironweed – Few – At or just beyond peak bloom. (across from the end of the Treemont Dorm).
  • Joe Pye Weed – Few – Past peak bloom.
  • Mist Flower – Some – At peak bloom (across from the end of the Treemont Dorm).
  • Pinesap – Some – At peak bloom*
  • Purple Aster – Some – Varies species at or approaching peak bloom.
  • Southern Harebell – Many – Past peak bloom but many nice blooms (very small).
  • Spotted Jewelweed – Few – Past peak bloom (across from the end of the Treemont dorm).
  • Star Grass – (2) – At peak bloom.
  • Starry Campion – Few – Past peak bloom (about gone).
  • Tick Trefoil – Few – Well past their peak bloom.
  • White Snake Root – Many – Budded – a few blooms starting to open.
  • White Top Aster – Some – Appear to be at or approaching peak bloom.

*Note: Pinesap has no chlorophyll. I have found this flower on only three trails over the years.

Tom Harrington is a regular hiker who reports on wildflowers in the Smokies. He is available to speak to church groups or civic clubs with a PowerPoint presentation.


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