Covid was real, and still is, too

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Covid was real, and still is, too – regardless of what Ron DeSantis, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Glenn Jacobs say.

I still haven’t figured how a deadly virus became a political football, or why doctors, nurses and teachers became the enemy. And I am bumfuzzled when I hear political hacks dismiss our recent viral ordeal like it was a case of mass hysteria ginned up in a lab by Hunter Biden and a bunch of evil Chinese scientists.

Because I had friends who died from it.

Wanda Moody

I wrote about two of them right here in this column: the brilliant longtime public servant Wanda Moody,   and Phil Leadbetter, who was maybe the best dobro player in the world.

They were both high risk, but that didn’t make them expendable. Here are some statistics for anyone who’d rather see real data than listen to political opportunists spin hokum.

Phil Leadbetter

Those politicians probably don’t believe that global warming is real, either.

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