Farragut Rotary: Connections and more connections

Tom KingFarragut

The Rotary Club of Farragut is all about connections. Connections with our community. Connections with our education and business communities. And connections with many of our nonprofits that provide invaluable …

Farragut Rotary goes to the dogs

Tom KingFarragut

You might say that the Rotary Club of Farragut “went to the dogs” yesterday!
Well, sorta. The club had to move its May 15 meeting from its normal home at Fox …

Full circle at Ridgedale School

Tom KingFeature, West Knoxville

Things, and people, come full circle more than we know.
Ridgedale School, which some people call Ridgedale Alternative School, has its first-ever assistant principal. Her name is Kristi Phillips, a native …