The gift of a lifetime

Jake MabeHalls, Obits

The things you remember when a parent dies. Learning to ride a bike. Learning to shave. Learning to throw a football. Learning to drive.
And also, from my stepfather Mike McConkey, …

The richest guy in town

Jake MabeHalls

OK, pull up a chair, and we’ll talk about a favorite film, since it’s getting to be Christmas and all.
Had to whip up a quick column one December afternoon in …

A memorial for David Hunter

Jake MabePowell

Nobody in this town ever wrote about cops any better than David Hunter.
Scribes are taught early to write what you know. So David did.
His bad heart forced him to retire …

Robinella still soars

Jake MabeHalls

Full circle this Robin has flown, from working part-time at the old Roy’s Record Shop in Maryville as she began performing professionally almost 20 years ago, to singing at the …

Alvah Bible, Team Rainmaker make it home

Jake MabeFountain City

They call themselves Team Rainmaker, ’cause it always rains when they go hiking.
And, boy, did it ever rain on them this year.
Pull up a chair, and listen to this tale.
Thirty-five …

Halls, my hometown

Jake MabeHalls

Leave it to Dink Adams to say it best.
No, Dink is not a native. But, he’s been here since 1968, even if he does live in Powell, so that’s long …