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KnoxTNToday.com was launched May 1, 2017, by Sandra Clark, Shannon Carey and others who previously worked at Shopper News in Knoxville, TN. The website is supported by seven strategic partners, dozens of community partners and direct mail.

We tell stories (mostly true), don’t like paywalls or pop-ups, and promote projects to build communities. We’re hyper-local, professional journalists who write for food (and fun).

Strategic Partners: We share logo links and guarantee category exclusivity.

Community Partners: We offer up to 10 logo links on each community-based microsite: Launching July 2017: Fountain City, Halls and Powell; launching August 2017: Farragut, South Knox; with more to come. When built out, each will have a community coordinator. For now, contact Sandra Clark or Shannon Carey for questions/comments.

Direct Mail: We launched with mailers to Powell, ZIP 37849 (May 24) and Halls ZIP 37938 (June 28). Upcoming mailers include:

  1. Reach homes Wednesday, August 16 – Fountain City & Inskip
    Copy deadline Wednesday, August 2
    Knoxville ZIP 37918 – 8,984 + ZIP 37912 – 1,615 = 10,599
  2. Reach homes Wednesday, August 16 – South Knox
    Copy deadline Wednesday, August 2
    Knoxville ZIP 37920 – 7,197
  3. Reach homes Wednesday, Wednesday, Oct. 25
    Copy deadline Wednesday, October 11
    Farragut – 37934 – 7,580 + Bob Gray/Dutchtown area – 37923 – 2,079 =  9,659
  4. Reach homes Wednesday, Nov. 15 – Southwest Knox County
    Copy Deadline – Wednesday, Nov. 1
    ZIP 37922 – 15,182

The mailers are printed and mailed by Alliance Press in Knoxville. They are EDDM (every door delivery mailers) to businesses and homes within the selected ZIP code. The full-page image area is 9 inches wide x 20.75 inches tall. Ads are available for full-, half-, third- and quarter-page sizes. Phone 865-661-8777 for details.

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Shannon Carey

Fountain City

Marvin West

Betsy Pickle

South Knox

Betty Bean


Sherri Gardner Howell


Jake Mabe


Lynn Pitts


Contact Carol Springer at carol@KnoxTNToday.com for issues concerning graphics, printing, mailing, accounts payable or accounts receivable. Carol organizes so the rest of us can play.