Zoo residents visit Oakwood Lincoln Park

Betty BeanFeature

Madeline, Bucky and Charlotte made special guest appearances at the Oakwood Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association’s June meeting.

They were toted in by Zoo Knoxville outreach educator Kara Remington, who introduced them to the crowd.

Madeline is a prehensile-tailed skink from the Solomon Islands. She likes to climb.

Bucky is a barn owl – born at the zoo, and one of the few native East Tennessee critters kept there. He cannot be released because he has lost his natural fear of humans and would not survive in the wild.

Charlotte the Hog Island boa with Kara Remington

Charlotte is a five-foot Hog Island Boa. She weighs nearly 30 pounds and is five feet long. Her species is nearly extinct.

Remington reminded her audience that spring is reptile season.

“Snakes are nomadic. If there’s a snake in your yard, there’s a mouse in your yard,” she said.



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