Wrap up summer 2020 with free fun

Wendy SmithFarragut, The Farragut Insider

Last summer, at the end of the school year, I wrote a column about free stuff to do in Farragut. This year the school year never really ended; it just sort of drifted away, like seeds from a dandelion. Now that we’re two weeks away from a new school year, it’s time for one last blast of end-of-summer fun.

I know most parents think that squeezed every last drop of fun out of 2020, and possibly 2021, but I’m hoping at least one of these activities is a fresh, new idea. And, like last year’s list, most are free.

Pilot’s Pursuit game from the Knox County Public Library. Scratch-off gameboards are available at any library location. Players move around the board by completing tasks like making a recipe inspired by another culture, learning words in a new language, and of course, reading. As they progress, kids uncover secret locations and decode a hidden message. The fun lasts through Dec. 31. Learn more here.

Play at the Farragut Community Center. Playing outside is fun, unless it’s 92 with a heat index of 132. Fortunately, the community center has safe, indoor recreational opportunities for families, like basketball, volleyball or pickleball. All you need is a free membership and $2 per person (or $5 per family) and your crew can have half of a gym for an hour! Get details here.

Make a sidewalk chalk obstacle course. I’m not going to lie, I’ve done a few of these around my neighborhood, and they’re pretty fun. All you need is some chalk and creativity. Watch this video if you need help getting started.

Perform on the Founders Park stage. Kids love to perform, and there’s almost always an audience at Founders Park at Campbell Station. The new stage completed last year is the perfect place to belt out a song or practice the latest TikTok dance.

Make your own water slide. Sure, you can buy one, but the only limits on the homemade kind are the amount of plastic sheeting you can get your hands on and how big a hill your hose can reach. Grease that thing up with baby shampoo and watch the kids fly! Find directions here.

Fish at Anchor Park: Yep, this was on last year’s list, but few things beat fishing on a summer evening. Plus, it’s freshly stocked from the recent Bob Watt Fishing Rodeo. (The catfish prefer liver.) License info here.

Build an amazing blanket fort. Even kids who don’t like to sit still will hole up in a homemade fort for hours. Stock it with pillows and books and it’s the perfect rainy-day diversion. This video shows you how to make three easy forts using rope, clothespins and sheets.

I’m pretty sure no kid (or parent) will ever forget the summer of 2020, but let’s wrap it up and tie it with a bow before the kids go back to school. And let’s cross our fingers that they stay there for a few weeks.

Town of Farragut marketing and public relations coordinator Wendy Smith is your reliable Farragut Insider.

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