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Laura GreenOur Town Leaders

Growing up in Knoxville, spring time meant the Dogwood Arts Festival.

It was a magical time when my family would load up in the car and go “Drive the Dogwood Trail.” Since both pairs of grandparents lived in Sequoyah Hills, the pink arrow-marked roads heralded spring to me. Both my grandmothers impressed upon me the prestige of being on the Dogwood Trail. And, even though they lived in Sequoyah Hills, neither home was on the special pink arrow-marked roads.

Laura Green

Those pink arrow-marked roads could be coming to my neighborhood of West Hills!!

For the first time in almost 20 years, Dogwood Arts is considering a new neighborhood for its DAF driving trails. West Hills Neighbors and the Wesley Neighbors neighborhood associations, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, have requested consideration as a Dogwood Trail for several years.

The DAF did not have a process for evaluation at the time, but has recently created a path for those interested to be considered. After touring the neighborhood last summer and this spring, the committee has come close to approving the West Hills neighborhood for the first new inclusion in almost 20 years. We are very close to being on the Dogwood Trail!

The inclusion of our neighborhood will be wonderful way to truly cement West Hills as a foundation neighborhood in Knoxville. We might have been the newest suburban living concept 60 years ago, but now we are an established neighborhood with big trees, big lots and beautiful yards.

It’s a tribute to our original owners who worked so hard to plant dogwood trees and other landscaping elements. It’s recognition of current homeowners who maintain the neighborhood’s beauty. West Hills is a special place. Let’s celebrate with our very own Dogwood Trail.

Emily DeJarnett is our trail coordinator. Read her statement and see the proposed map: West Hills Dogwood Trail

Laura Green is a West Hills resident for 17 years and a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, Realtors for over 21 years. As a 5th generation Knoxvillian, Laura is ready to help you find your place in Knoxville. Reach her at 865-705-5998 or [email protected]

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