United Way sets $10 million campaign goal

Dave MillerOur Town Leaders

Fall is here, school is back in session, football season is underway and the United Way of Greater Knoxville is hosting its annual fundraising campaign.

I am honored and thrilled to be the United Way of Greater Knoxville’s 2021 Campaign Chair. I have supported the United Way for the 27 years I have been with First Horizon. I have also been a longstanding volunteer, so I know that this opportunity to impact our community is a true blessing.

Many people have reached out to me asking, “Are you excited to run a campaign now that things are getting back to normal?” Things are definitely not back to normal; however, I am excited to be this year’s chair for the United Way of Greater Knoxville campaign.

The United Way is creating impact initiatives in areas such as housing, childcare, food security and more to help serve our community and uplift our neighbors. They are changing the way they view success and asking the difficult questions to address the needs in Knoxville. We are putting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the forefront of everything we do. Our initiatives are far from normal.

This year the United Way is launching a Champions Legacy Fund of $500,000 to match and double contributions made by new donors to United Way. There are robust giving and volunteering opportunities to companies and individuals to grow our community’s philanthropic spirit. The fundraising goal is set at $10 million, so that we can begin seeing true change in Knoxville. Our goals are far from normal.

As we embark on this year’s campaign and approach the 100-year anniversary in 2022, I ask that you join us in revolutionizing what it means to give and care in Knoxville. I ask that you walk alongside us as we change what it means to be “normal” and work towards a brighter future for our neighbors.

At First Horizon, we have unstoppable spirit. At the United Way, we have high hopes. Together, I know we can achieve them.

Dave Miller is president of the East Tennessee Region, First Horizon Bank.

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