Under His Wings

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May the Lord reward you for your deeds, and may you have a full reward from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge!” (Ruth 2:12 NRSV)

I was a youngster when I first learned about the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s fate. I was into reading mysteries, and here was a real life mystery that had remained unsolved for years and years before I was even born.

In my first experiences in a small plane — a single engine Cessna that had been built the same year I was born — I was navigator. That is, I watched for other traffic, for towers, for possible emergency landing spots, and also kept an eye on the gas gauge!

In that role, I identified with Fred Noonan, Earhart’s navigator. Even now, when I am on a road trip with my husband, I am the one with map in hand.

As Christians, we all have a map. The Bible is rich with maps — instructions and examples to keep us on the right track. The Bible contains stories of people who led the way, those who followed in faith. It also recounts the fates of those who rebelled and stumbled into the briars and ditches.

However, a map is no good at all if it is not referred to, looked at, studied, verified. A map is also pretty useless if you don’t believe it! And apparently, that is what happened to Amelia Earhart. Either she or Noonan did not believe their maps.

Just this past week, however, the news story of the day was that there is photographic evidence that Earhart and Noonan landed on Saipan on July 2, 1937, were taken into custody, and imprisoned. It is believed she died there.

May she rest in peace.

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