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Carisa OwnbyFarragut

Brainstorming sessions – they happen often for the Visit Farragut tourism team as we navigate a new initiative with a small budget. One of these sessions led to the development of the Farragut Spotlight video series on Visit Farragut’s social media.

Visit Farragut came online in June 2018. With one of the town’s founding basis being no property tax, finding ways to promote businesses that drive sales tax and ensure a thriving Farragut economy is a continual goal for our tourism initiative.

This focus of our small but mighty tourism team led to various video efforts, including the Farragut Spotlight. Tourism Coordinator Karen Tindal and myself, Carisa Ownby, media assistant, developed the Farragut Spotlight to showcase the wonderful businesses and unique offerings in Farragut, Tenn.

Karen is a part-time employee and my time is split between tourism and general town public relations and marketing. If you are calculating the math, you added right, Karen’s and my hours combine to make one full-time position as the entirety of the tourism team.

Karen is the face of the Farragut Spotlights. Coming from a fitness instructor background, she is the perfect spokesperson for Farragut. She constructs each script to represent the unique offerings and businesses in Farragut.

Coming from a background in journalism and cinema studies, I handle the behind the scenes shenanigans from filming through editing. As Karen soon learned when we filmed at Ricki’s Pet Depot, if there isn’t a cute animal for me to hold, I will stay behind the camera.

The fun of the spotlights has taken us to ice cream places, ball pits, batting cages, pizza joints, pet stores and more! It’s been a new adventure around every turn filled with a blooper reel the office thoroughly enjoys after every video shoot.

If you haven’t followed us on social media, check out Visit Farragut on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You won’t be disappointed. The Farragut Spotlight videos premiere every Tuesday and a preview clip comes out on Sunday for followers to guess where we will be next.

Some of our most popular spotlights include Sweet Retreat – the rolled ice cream shop in Turkey Creek, Apple Cake Tea Room – a Farragut classic, Ricki’s Pet Depot – your one stop pet shop in Village Green and Jet’s Pizza – home to the eight-corner pizza. Need to catch up on the Farragut Spotlights? You can find a playlist with all of them on our YouTube channel.

It has been a pleasure meeting our business owners and learning about their story. We are happy to show everyone what Farragut has to offer through our videos and the Visit Farragut initiative!

Our work is centered around promoting Farragut businesses and hotels. Alongside our fun spotlight videos, we have other videos endorsing our Farragut hotels and offerings for upcoming events like the University of Tennessee football games (next season, right? As every UT alumni will say) and the upcoming Garth Brooks concert (yes, I am counting down the days till Nov. 16).

Between the Farragut Spotlights, our Live & Local posts featuring live music each week and the Weekly Download, a summary of events released every Monday, you can always find something to do in Farragut. Head to for more info. If you haven’t been here – book a room today, you won’t be sorry!

Carisa Ownby is media assistant for the Town of Farragut.


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