The Farragut Insider’s guide to toasty outdoor dining

Wendy SmithFarragut, The Farragut Insider

Now that our kids are grown and we don’t spend weekends going to swim meets or rugby matches, my husband and I have a new favorite hobby – eating out. It’s a convenient hobby because it doesn’t take as long as a swim meet and there are fewer injuries than at a rugby match. Plus, you avoid all that pesky cooking and cleaning.

COVID-19 threatened to interfere with our hobby, but since I prefer dining outside, even in the hot summer months, the only limit on our pastime was available patio seating. The cold weather presents a new challenge, but a recent trip to Washington, D.C., allowed us to experience comfortable al fresco dining thanks to patio heaters and fireplaces. That left me wondering which restaurants in Farragut could keep me comfortable while eating outside in January and February.

Seasons Innovative Bar and Grille manager Megan Ellsworth said that Seasons normally runs small heaters in the rafters of the covered patio, but they are only effective during the warmer months of winter. A new propane fan will keep the patio toasty throughout the season.

“Bringing in a heater was an expensive venture, but now we are able keep the restaurant going with social distancing guidelines,” she said. “It will help us keep guests safe and comfortable.”

Farragut’s newest outdoor dining site is 35 North, a food truck park that opened just last week. A brick fireplace already warms the patio, but manager Ryan Hartwell says more heaters are on the way. The food truck park features a covered open area as well as the patio, and special 35 North blankets are also on order to help guests stay warm wherever they dine.

Investing in outdoor heating is a difficult decision for an industry that’s already been smacked around by the pandemic, and it’s not an option for all restaurants. I encourage everyone to support Farragut restaurants by dining in safely or purchasing carry-out. But if you’re brave enough to try heated outdoor dining, here are some Farragut options:

  • 35 North, 11321 Kingston Pike
  • The Admiral Pub, 142 Brooklawn Street
  • Big Kahuna Wings, 12828 Kingston Pike
  • Dos Agaves, 11639 Parkside Drive, Turkey Creek Shopping Center
  • First Watch, 111 Lovell Road (in the process of acquiring heaters)
  • Mind Yer P’s and Qs, 12744 Kingston Pike, Renaissance Center (in the process of acquiring heaters)
  • Parilla’s Cantina Mexican Kitchen, 12740 Kingston Pike, Renaissance Center
  • Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille, 11605 Parkside Drive, Turkey Creek Shopping Center

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of restaurants that offer heated outdoor seating; other establishments may follow suit in the coming weeks. For more information about dining in Farragut, go here and check out the Visit Farragut Dining Guide.

Town of Farragut marketing and public relations coordinator Wendy Smith is your reliable Farragut insider.

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