Winning with freshmen

Marvin Westwestwords

The General was no fluke.
As a Tennessee football coach, Robert R. Neyland combined what he knew about military strategy and engineering principles to produce a remarkable (or phenomenal) record of …

Not sure who won

Marvin Westwestwords

Stop me if you have heard this one …
Tennessee and Georgia Tech, approaching their football opener, agree that the Volunteers hold a 24-17-2 edge in what was once an interesting …

Shoop miscalculation

Marvin Westwestwords

Let’s take a walk in Bob Shoop’s shoes.
Peak time in his 28 years of college coaching came at Vanderbilt, of all places. As defensive coordinator, he somehow made the Commodores …

Tennessee opening games

Marvin Westwestwords

Philosophy quiz to condition the mind before the Tennessee opener against Georgia Tech – choose one:
(a). One game does not a season make.
(b). How you start doesn’t matter as much …

Difference of opinion

Marvin Westwestwords

What we have here, right before our eyes, is the maturation of Butch Jones as a football coach. Some might call it learning on the job.
He survived the off-season — …

Barbara Ward: Double sadness

Marvin WestFarragut

There is bad news and sad news and sometimes bad, sad news.
Barbara Ward, wife of legendary broadcaster John Ward, has died. She was injured in an auto accident in west …

Where are we and how did we get here?

Marvin Westwestwords

Two months and a week or so before the Tennessee opening kickoff seems a relatively safe time to assess where we are and how did we get here.
According to my …