It’s getting scary out there (not really)

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s October, and everyone’s starting to play catch-up with Hallmark.
All sorts of activities are taking on a Halloween theme or paying tribute to the spooky …

Flotilla, regatta? Why-not-all!

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

Water adds so much to the lifestyle of East Tennessee – and it complements a myriad of outdoor activities.
A big event this weekend is the Clinch River Regatta, hosted by …

Do good – and have a good time!

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

Excuse me, I can’t help myself:
“Thar be dragons!”
Isn’t that what everyone says when the annual KARM Dragon Boat Festival rolls around? It must be – my ears have been ringing …

By the light of the Strawberry Moon

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

You may have heard about the upcoming Strawberry Moon, June’s full moon so named by Native Americans because its appearance marked the time to pick ripe strawberries. Last year’s Strawberry …

Farragut Rotary goes to the dogs

Tom KingFarragut

You might say that the Rotary Club of Farragut “went to the dogs” yesterday!
Well, sorta. The club had to move its May 15 meeting from its normal home at Fox …