Knoxville SOUP will heat up Thursday

Betsy PickleOur Town Neighbors

Four diverse community projects will vie for funding at Knoxville SOUP on Thursday, Oct. 24, at Kerbela Temple, 315 Mimosa Ave. Doors open at 6 p.m., with presentations starting at …

October SOUP calls for projects

Betsy PickleOur Town Neighbors

Knoxville SOUP is looking for community-focused projects from throughout Knox County that could benefit from an extra helping of funds.
The next SOUP micro-funding event will take place Thursday, Oct. 24, …

SOUP takes helping neighbors to new heights

Betsy PickleSouth Knox

Here’s the thing about Knoxville SOUP. You think it’s going to be the same thing every time: a festively decorated venue, well-intentioned amateurs pitching their ideas about what they want …