Briggs to anti-abortion lobby: Bring it

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State Sen. Richard Briggs does a lot of reading. This week he says he’s thinking that he might need to study up on drag shows.
He was joking.
Or maybe not, since …

Briggs reflects on closing of St. Mary’s

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Richard Briggs has seen combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s performed intricate heart surgery, literally holding a patient’s life in his hands. But this tough guy’s voice broke when asked …

Ballinger challenges Briggs for Senate seat

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Jamie Ballinger’s hero is her grandmother, Arzetta England, who lives in Powell and worked for many years at C&S Laundry.
“She’s extremely frugal and can squeeze a nickel until it’s a …

Is there a question in there, senator?

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Who are these folks who came to Knox County to interrogate our Republican officeholders and candidates, setting criteria for “bona fide Republicans” and asserting authority to disqualify those who don’t …